Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday Make – Fish Birthday Card

sep16 fish birthday card
Recently I’ve spent quite a lot of time on paperwork and planning the Christmas craft fayre, so thought it was about time I made something!  This fun birthday card didn't take long to make and features my copperband butterfly fish illustration.
To make this card you will need:
1. Cut out the butterfly fish and ‘Happy Birthday’ message from the collage sheet.  Cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than the card – so that it lines up with the fold of the card and there is a border along the other 3 sides.
2.  Use the corner punch to make 2 rounded corners on the patterned paper, then glue to the card.  If you don’t have a punch you could use something round as a template (eg. a small coin) and cut the corners by hand.
3. Mount the birthday message on white card, then stick the message and fish to the card with the foam pads for a 3D effect.
4.  Glue the gems onto the card so they look like bubbles coming out of the fish’s mouth.  Instead of gems you could also try using sequins or beads.
Now you have one finished fish card!
You could make similar cards with some of my other fish too – why not try a clown fish card or cardinal tetra?!

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