Friday, 20 May 2011

Polymer Clay Buttons

I love vintage buttons and I have so many pretty ones in my collection :)  I only have one or two of some designs, so thought I would have a go at making polymer clay versions to use on cards etc.  Not that I need any more buttons but it also meant I could try them in different colours too!
Most of the clay buttons shown in the photos were made by making a mold from the vintage button, then making a clay button from the mold.  The two on the far left were made from cutting a shape from rolled clay then using a fancy vintage button to press a pattern into the surface then adding two holes.


  1. These look amazing!!! I have a vintage button collection, too. There are a few I don't ever want to actually use because I'm afraid to part with them!

  2. how do you add the holes?

  3. I make the holes in the buttons using a cocktail stick - you could use a large sewing needle too. If you push the cocktail stick through from the front making a small hole, then push it from the back to make the hole bigger it makes a neater hole. :)

    1. This is almost a year after your reply, but if you are using a toothpick or something to make the hole, sometimes it will close up while baking. So an idea is, make the hole with a toothpick a bit bigger and keep it inside the piece of clay while it bakes. That will allow it to stay as an even hole and at the same time, not close up!

  4. I love these! I tried to make them myself, they turned out very messy and uneven. That is because I did not make it from a mold! I did it from scratch. It was challenging but after I tried again and it was more of a success, I had to come and thank you for the wonderful idea!

  5. How do they do going through the washing machine?