Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paper Rose Card and Tag Kit ~ Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for Kit #002 - to make an Anniversary or Wedding card and matching gift tag. (Craft kits are available to buy in my Etsy supplies shop.)

The kit contains... a card blank, envelope, paper, card, 2 paper roses, ribbon, beads and thread. (The handmade paper included is made by my own hands!)  You will need basic materials to complete the kit - scissors, glue, a needle and thread.  I like to also use a craft knife, ruler and different glues; glue stick, pva craft glue and double sided tape.
To make the card...
1. The first step is to bend the wire stem of the rose into a heart shape.  You can use either your hands or pliers - whichever you find easiest.
Use the handmade paper backing as a guide as to where the top of the heart should be, bend the wire here.  Then bend the remaining length in half.
Shape each half into a heart shape.  Then thread on the beads - you may need to open the heart out a bit again but it's easier to bend closed again than to thread the beads on first.
2. To attach the flower to the backing paper...
Lay the flower where you want it to be on the paper and with a needle or pin make 4 small holes (as shown by the blue dots on the photo).
Using a thread that blends in with the colour of the stem, sew up through each hole, over the stem and back down through the same hole again.  Secure the thread on the back.  This will hold the flower in place and stop the beads from falling off.
3. Mount the handmade paper and flower.  You could cut the red paper, but I have chosen to tear it against a ruler for a softer, torn edge.
4. Next glue the larger backing paper to the card.  Chose whichever layout you like - here are a few ideas...
I've chosen to glue it horizontally along the top.  Trim the edge then attach the mounted flower.
5. Glue along the edge of the paper and stick the ribbon to the card.  (Tip... to get the ribbon nice and straight hold it taut across the card as you lay it down, then smooth along the ribbon to ensure it is firmly stuck down.)
Trim the ends of the ribbon, I also like to add a little dot of glue to keep the ends tidy.
6. Finally add the message.  Included in the kit are 3 messages - 'On Your Anniversary', 'Congratulations' and 'On Your Wedding' so you can adapt the card for different occasions.
I chose 'On Your Anniversary' for this one.  I cut out the message and added a simple pen border before glueing to the card.
To make the tag...
1. Make another rose attached to a handmade paper backing in the same way as for the card.  Then glue to the gift tag.
2. To finish, tie the thread through the hole in the card.  I plaited the thread here as an extra touch.
The finished card and gift tag!...

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