Monday, 4 July 2011

Fabric Bird Card Kit ~ Tutorial

I have recently been planning some new craft kits for my Etsy supplies shop, this tutorial is for my first new kit to make a cute fabric bird notecard.

The kit contains... a card blank, envelope, paper, fabric, ribbon, button, gem, sequin, bead and template.  Although only basic supplies are needed to complete the project - (scissors, glue, pencil, a needle and thread) - I will also be using a sewing machine, craft knife, ruler and 3 different types of glue - glue stick, pva craft glue and double sided tape.
To make the card...
1. Cut out the bird body and wing template.
With the back of the fabric face-up draw around the template and cut it out. (tip: use a soft pencil)  The fabric comes with fusible interfacing already attached to make cutting and sewing easier. 
 2. The patterned backing paper can be arranged however you like it - covering the whole card, or with some of the card showing...
  I like to have a border around the edge, so cut the first piece to measure 7x 9cm.

 3.  Next sew the bird body onto the paper you have just cut.  Whether you choose to hand or machine stitch, use a little glue to hold the bird in place.
 I have machine stitched around the edge of my bird using a contrasting colour thread...

 4. Lay the bird's wing and button where you want them and use a needle to mark the button holes.
Sew the button on...

5. Lay the sequin on where you want the bird's eye to be and mark with the needle again.  Pass the needle up from the back, thread on the sequin then bead and pass the needle back through the sequin and same hole again.  Secure the thread on the back.

 6.  Cut the smaller piece of backing paper to size - I cut mine to 2.5x9cm. Then stick to the card (I used double sided tape and a glue stick).
 Attach the paper and bird in the same way - I have left a small border around the edge of the card.

7. Add a thin line of glue along where the backing papers join for the ribbon.
 Tip... to get the ribbon nice and straight hold it taut across the card as you lay it down, then smooth along the ribbon to ensure it is firmly stuck down.
 Trim the ends of the ribbon.  I also like to add a tiny spot of glue to keep the ends neat.

 8. Finally glue the flower gem onto the card.

 Voila! A finished fabric bird notecard...

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