Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clockwork Rabbit

I recently received a commission to design a Clockwork Rabbit to be used as a tattoo.  Although I have drawn several different clockwork birds now and the odd fish I have not done anything like the rabbit before.  I enjoyed the challenge of working out how to illustrate the bunny so that it looked like a clockwork animal that could work but still looked like a rabbit.  Here are some pictures from my sketchbook…

This is the final illustration drawn in dip pen and ink…2013May29 steampunk clockwork rabbit inked 
Although I can’t see myself ever having a tattoo (not a fan of needles!), the idea that someone else would want my designs permanently drawn onto their body is such an honour!  Here’s the finished tattoo of the rabbit…

2013May29 steampunk clockwork rabbit tattoo

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