Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Jubilee Party!

There were quite a lot of fish on the blog last week so I thought it was time for something a bit different with some inspiration for parties celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee...

Jubilee Party printable cupcake toppers, bunting and name place cards hazelfishercreations
I love the bright colours of these cupcakes :) They're really easy to make - I used this recipe to make strawberry flavoured cakes.  Half the cakes were iced in blue glace icing and half were iced in red.  I left the icing to set before piping white glace icing on top - that stopped the white from sinking into the colour underneath.

Jubilee Party hazelfishercreations
I finished off the cakes by making some toppers with my Rule Britannia printables.  I made the toppers by sandwiching a cocktail stick between two circles.  Some of the circles were hand cut with scissors and some were cut with a 2 inch scalloped circle punch.
I also made some bunting with my Rule Britannia scrapbooking paper - you can print this template and use it to make your own bunting.  Plain red, white and blue papers would look good too.

Some royal facts...
  • The Queen is the second longest serving monarch - only Victoria has reigned for longer at 63 years.
  • There have been 12 Prime Ministers over the Queen's reign.
  • The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign - she currently has 3; Monty, Willow and Holly.
  • In an average year the Queen will host more than 50,000 people at banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions and Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace.
For more facts on the Queen take a look at this website: http://www.thediamondjubilee.org

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