Monday, 1 October 2018

Inktober 2018 Prompt List

October means that it is time for the annual drawing challenge of Inktober again! Thousands of artists take part each year, making 1 ink drawing a day for the month of October, to practice their drawing skills.
You can find out more about the challenge, including rules and the official prompt list, over on the Inktober website.

I decided that this year I would set myself my own Animals theme and came up with a list of 31 different animals to draw throughout the month. Some are ones I have drawn before and some will be completely new for me - I'm looking forward to drawing them all! I will share a weekly round up of my drawings here, on my blog, or you can follow along on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Will you be taking part in Inktober this year? Feel free to use my prompt list - if you do I would love to see your drawings! You can use #hfc_artchallenge or tag me @hazelfishercreations on Facebook or Instagram.
Lots of other people have been sharing their own prompt lists too, so if animals don't spark your imagination there's sure to be something that will! You can find more lists on the InktoberPrompts page.

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