Tuesday, 7 November 2017

My entry to Spoonflower's Black and White Colouring Book Contest

My entry to Spoonflower's Coloring Book contest, dancing girl design by Hazel Fisher Creations
This week's Spoonflower contest is being held in conjunction with Lake, a colouring app, and we could create a design on any subject we liked, so long as it was in black and white.  Such open ended contests like this can be the hardest - how do you choose what theme to draw!? They also produce an amazing, diverse mix of entries, it's wonderful to see how creative everyone else has been!

I took inspiration for my design from my Inktober drawings (which you will have seen I have been sharing if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook and I will be posting some on here soon too) and used the dancing girl as the start of my design. I was also inspired by Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts designs; I love the flowing lines of Art Nouveau and the plant inspired wallpaper designs by William Morris.

My design is all hand drawn in pen, and is a repeating pattern so it took a little back and forth between the scanner and adding in a few more details by hand to get the flowing lines to all line up and work in repeat.  I enjoyed making this one and hope you like it too!

Thank you if you voted for my design - it came 76th (with 105 votes) out of 357 entries!  You can see all the winning designs here.

I will post an update when this design is available for sale.

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