Tuesday, 1 December 2015

October and November Review

Autumn Leaves photograph hazelfishercreations
The last couple of months have been pretty busy and I didn't have a lot of time at the start of last month to write October's review.   Rather than skip out a month altogether I thought I would roll October and November together and look back at them in this one post...

New Designs...
In October I was working on an exciting new design - I can't wait until I can reveal it in January!
I did make some new designs which are not still a secret though; like some new printable designs in my Etsy shop: Colour in Advent Calendar Village, Christmas colouring in pages, Christmas Foods name place cards and Autumn Leaves name place cards.
Christmas colour in pages hazelfishercreations
On Spoonflower my new designs included; Microorganisms, Cephalopods, Tea Towel Calendar and some other new designs which I blogged about here.

Blog projects...
Last week I shared a tutorial on how to make the mini house boxes in my printable Advent Calendar Village - I'm sharing daily photos of the houses for advent on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
Back in October I also shared a couple of diy projects - an Upcyled Jar Flower Vase and Halloween Cookies.  You could adapt the biscuit recipe for Christmas - add more spices and ice with festive decorations!

Social Media...
As I mentioned above, I am now on Instagram!  You can find me at HazelFisherCreations. I've not posted a lot yet, but plan to share more photos of my sketchbook, works in progress, things I make and inspire me.  It took me a while to work out how to post my first picture and I was thrilled to get some likes and  comments almost immediately!  I like that people actually seem to see the things you post on Instagram compared to Facebook, which appears to hide most of the things I post - and I notice that a lot of the people I have liked on Facebook aren't showing up in my feed so often now either.

Hello Instagram sketchbook photo hazelfishercreations
Other News...
November seemed to be a month for finally starting things I have been thinking about doing - I also joined Society6!  I've been wanting to expand my range of products and have been looking into the various sites which, like Spoonflower, allow artists to sell their designs on products without having to actually produce and ship the products themselves.  I have a very limited range on Society6 at the moment, and am just learning about how to set up my designs to work on all the different products they sell.  I will get more designs up as and when I can - I would love to have got the store up and running in time for Christmas shopping (and probably should have started earlier, but there is always too much on my to do list!), at least I'll be prepared for next year.
So far you will find my Southwest Feathers and Arrows and Budgie designs in my shop...

Society6 products with Southwest Feathers & Arrows pattern and Budgies designs Hazel Fisher Creations
I'll end this monthly review with a link to my Christmas board on Pinterest, where I've been collecting ideas for decorations, diy projects and cards.  Are you way ahead with your Christmas crafting, or like me and still have a long list of things to do?

Follow Hazel's board Christmas on Pinterest.

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