Friday, 6 February 2015

Spoonflower Contest – Steampunk Valentine

Last week’s Spoonflower ‘Rockets’ themed contest had so many great entries! The winner was a retro style design – you can see it here along with all the other entries.  My design came 44th out of 255 entries (with 175 votes) – thank you to everyone who voted for my design! :)

This week’s contest is a little different as Spoonflower have teamed up with Urban Threads for a Steampunk Valentine theme.  The brief was to create a fabric design (previewed at the fat quarter size) with an element that can be adapted for an embroidery pattern.  This is what I came up with:

steampunk valentine spoonflower contest entry surface pattern design hazel fisher creations 06Feb2015I have drawn lots of keys and cogs as part of my past Steampunk / Hexley designs and I wanted to combine these ideas with some more decorative elements so added the swirls and flourishes to Steampunk style hearts.  I used a colour scheme similar to some of my other cog / key fabric designs as I liked the way those colours looked printed on fabric but also added the ruby red.

steampunk valentine spoonflower contest entry surface pattern design sketchbook hazel fisher creations 06Feb2015You can see all of the other entries to the Steampunk Valentine contest here, and vote for your favourites too:

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