Friday, 30 January 2015

Spoonflower Contests – Rockets and Penguins

Space inspired things have been a popular trend for a while now which led me to work on some space themed designs of my own.  So this week’s Spoonflower contest was perfectly timed!  The challenge was to create a rocket-inspired design; here is my entry complete with moons and stars…

2015 Jan 27 Rockets Spoonflower fabric design Hazel Fisher CreationsI was really pleased with how this turned out, I think I will be working on some more space themed designs to go with this one. :)
I have only had a quick look at the other entries to this contest but can see there are lots of great ones to vote for!  I'll be having a proper look later to choose my favourites.  You can see all the entries here and vote for your favourite ones too:

While I’m on the topic of Spoonflower contests, here’s my entry to the Penguins themed contest from a couple of weeks ago:

2015 Jan 27 Penguins Spoonflower fabric design Hazel Fisher CreationsI had made this simple repeat of baby emperor penguins a while ago and thought I should enter it into the contest, although if I had a little more time I probably would have made a slightly different design.  Considering it was a design I hadn’t spent too much time on I was very happy to hear that it came 104th (with 127 votes) out of 283 entries.  Thank you to anyone who voted for it!  You can see all the other penguin entries here:

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