Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spoonflower Tea Towel Calendar Contest – my budgie entry

2014 November 02 budgie tea towel calendar spoonflower contest hazel fisher creations
I haven’t entered any Spoonflower contests for a couple of months, mostly because I have been busy with other things. The tea towel calendar theme was one I had to try though as it’s something that will only come around once a year! I decided to create a design with budgies on, as my budgie designs are some of the most popular ones in my shop, plus I really enjoy drawing budgies! They’re fun birds to draw because of their different characters, colourings, and markings.

Voting has been open for a few days and it has been so lovely to have received so many favourites on the design already and some lovely comments too. If you like my design I would really appreciate your vote!  You can see all of the other entries here and vote for your favourites:

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