Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Some recent makes…

2014 April 15 Mollie Makes kit dogI’ve been a subscriber to the Mollie Makes magazine for a couple of years now and have quite a collection of the little kits which come free with each issue.  I love the mix of craft projects, articles and inspiration in the magazines and it’s always nice to get a new craft project to try out each month (even though it usually takes me a while to get around to making them!).  This retro Dachshund is from issue 31 and was designed by Jane Foster.  She makes lovely brightly coloured screen prints inspired by Scandinavian design.  This dog was something nice and simple to stitch in front of the tv one evening.  Just to make it slightly different I decided to add some dried lavender to the stuffing, so it could be used to scent drawers when not sitting on my desk!

I’ve also been making a few handmade cards…
2014 April 15 handmade cards steampunk birthday car butterfly and flower mothers dayThe Steampunk card was for my Dad’s birthday and was made with stamps from the Hexley transport set.  I used a copper coloured inkpad with the stamps and embossing powder on everything except the background pattern.  It’s a long time since I tried using embossing powder with stamps, and I wasn’t very successful with it before but was really pleased with how it worked this time.

I made the other card for Mother’s Day with layered punched and hand cut flowers, leaves and a butterfly from my Butterflies collage sheet.  I also added little gems, sequins and some cotton thread glued in swirls around the flowers.  It doesn’t take too long to cut everything out but I’ve been admiring the Brother CutNScan which would make cutting shapes for cards like these soo quick and easy!

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