Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sail away...

SP033 Nautical etsy 1 printable scrapbooking papers boatsNautical things seem to be very popular at the moment so I’m hoping I’ve picked a good theme for my latest collection of designs!  So far I have made a set of printable scrapbooking papers, cupcake toppers and some digital stamps – I’m still working on other designs so there will be more to come!
The boats, anchors and other illustrations in the paper set were drawn in pencil and watercolours before I scanned them and finished the patterns digitally.
SP033 Nautical etsy 4 printable scrapbooking papers boatsThe cupcake topper set (which could also be used as tags or in scrapbooking / card making projects) contains 3 different boats and 3 other designs which can be personalised with your own choice of text.  This example is for a birthday party, but I can do other messages for different occasions too.
CT015 Nautical cupcake toppers etsy 1This set of digital stamps is something slightly new for me; I’ve made printable collage sheets before but this is my first set of digital stamps / clip art.  There are 6 designs in the set – each comes as a jpg file with a white background and as a png file with a transparent background so they can be printed and coloured by hand or coloured digitally and used in digital scrapbooks.
DS001 nautical digital stamps boats anchor etsy 1If you like these designs you might like to see some of the other Nautical things I’ve been pinning to one of my Pinterest boards…

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