Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to make Birthday Bunting…

2013Mar13 diy birthday bunting ideas 4What birthday party would be complete without a birthday banner?  This ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting is made from my printable butterflies themed bunting, below are some different ideas for putting the bunting together…

2013Mar13 diy birthday bunting ideas 5The basic bunting

The printable bunting comes as 5 sheets for you to print (I have more themes in my shop for different themed parties).  Each sheet measures 8.5x11 inches (or prints on A4) and each pennant measures 5.2 x 7.6 inches.  {If you would like more information on printables – what they are and how they work please take a look at my faq page here.}
When you have downloaded the bunting, print the 5 sheets onto white card using your printers highest quality setting.  Using card rather than paper makes the pennants sturdier and stops them from curling.  Cut the pennants out.  You’re now ready to try these different ways of hanging the bunting…

2013Mar13 diy birthday bunting ideas 21. Peg up your pennants!

Lay out all of your pennants, equally spaced, to measure how long the banner will be.  Cut some coordinating ribbon or thread to the desired length – make sure you leave enough on the ends to tie the banner up.  Attach the pennants to the ribbon using pegs or clips.  Try clothes pegs decorated with scrapbooking paper, mini pegs or binder clips.

2013Mar13 diy birthday bunting ideas 12.  All tied up

Punch 2 holes in each pennant – one in each top corner.  Tie pennants together with ribbon or fancy yarn – you can experiment with different textures colours and widths of ribbon.

2013Mar13 diy birthday bunting ideas 33. Thread it up

Punch 2 holes in each pennant as in the previous example.  Thread the pennants together on one long ribbon or length of yarn.  Lay all of your pennants out first to make sure you thread them in the right order (yes, I have got words backwards before!!).  In the photo above I’ve made my own cord by crocheting yarn in chain stitch.

I hope this has inspired you to be creative with your birthday banners!

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