Friday, 22 February 2013

Filling in the gaps…

I’ve been working on filling in some of the gaps in my collection of printable designs, so have quite a lot of new things I am adding to my shop!  Here’s a quick round up – I’m still working on printables using the new Butterflies theme as well as going back to older themes and adding new products to those…2013Feb22 printable butterflies scrapbooking paper and buntingThe new butterflies theme now has a set of 12 inch printable scrapbooking papers, some ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting2013Feb22 printable cupcake toppers butterflies and cakes…and cupcake toppers customised with your own choice of text.  Going back to some of my older designs I’ve made new sets of cupcake toppers with a cakes theme…2013Feb22 printable cupcake toppers clematis and strawberriesclematis flowers and with a strawberries theme.
There are still a few more gaps in the collection to be filled, I’m also going to be working on some tutorials on different things you could make with the printables!

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