Monday, 4 February 2013

3 Makes With… Printable Straw Flags

2013Feb01 3 makes with printable straw flags 1Today I wanted to share 3 simple projects using just one sheet of printables and a few basic craft materials.  For these projects I’m using a sheet of straw flags with an orange / green Ball Games theme, but you could use flags on any theme you like.  The sheet has 18 flags (2 of each design) and prints on 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 paper.  I printed mine on 240gsm card, you can experiment with different papers / cards depending on what you want to use them for.  For best results remember to use your printer’s highest quality setting!
2013Feb01 3 makes with printable straw flags 21. Make a Birthday Card
This is a super easy card – great for boy’s birthdays or change the message for other occasions!  Cut out 5 different flags – 4 patterned and one with space for a message. Trim the pointed end of the one for the message but the others can be left square.  Glue the 4 patterned flags across the card at different angles (making sure the white ends will hang off the edge).  Using the edge of the card as a guide trim the excess off of the flags.  Write your message on the final flag.  Lay onto the card and mark in pencil where to cut the left side.  Trim and stick to the card with foam pads.
2013Feb01 3 makes with printable straw flags 32. Make a Gift Tag
Cut 2 flags.  Trim one end from each flag square, making one flag slightly longer than the other.  Punch a hole in each flag.  On the smaller flag write ‘To…’ and on the larger flag write ‘From…’.  Finally tie the two together with some ribbon or thread.
2013Feb01 3 makes with printable straw flags 43. Make cupcake toppers and decorate straws
These are great for themed parties!  Simply cut the flags then fold and glue around a straw to jazz up a drink or around a cocktail stick to make a cupcake topper.  The flags with space for messages can be personalised – write names on for individual drinks or cakes.

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