Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cheese and Tomato Chelsea Buns

jan 21 cheese and tomato rolls b
My favourite flavour combination has to be cheese and tomato – so that’s what we used when I baked these savoury Chelsea buns with my sister!
The recipe was based on Paul Hollywood’s turkey, stuffing and cranberry Chelsea buns which were on The Great British Bake Off.  We followed his method for making the dough but used our own filling:
I cooked some tomatoes (I prefer our home grown tomatoes for their flavour but canned tomatoes would work too) and added some sage and onion stuffing mix until the mixture wasn’t too runny.  Using dried stuffing mix feels like such a cheat but I love the smell and taste of these ingredients!
When the tomato mix was cool we spread it over the rolled out dough then sprinkled grated cheese on top.  Then we followed the Bake Off’s method for rolling and baking the buns. Yum!
jan 21 cheese and tomato chelsea buns 2b

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