Friday, 25 January 2013

A tiny meal…

2013Jan22 fimo necklace fish fingers beans faces
Last year I bought a cake necklace from GiraffesKiss on Etsy for my sister and she loved it so much I thought I would get her another piece of food jewellery for Christmas.  I remember that she had seen a necklace with baked beans and potato smiley faces made from polymer clay on a plate – but could I find where we had seen it? No!  I looked on Etsy and Folksy and saw lots of cute things but not what I wanted.  Having left it rather late I didn’t think I had time to ask someone for a custom order, so thought since I had some Fimo would have a go myself and it turned out pretty well :)

The necklace is really small – the plate is just over an inch across so it was quite tricky, especially making the tiny beans!  The plate is made from Fimo with some wire bent into a loop for adding the chain later.  I can’t quite remember now but I think I added texture to the smiley faces and fish fingers with a needle.  Everything was stuck to the plate with Fimo Liquid then the sauce for the beans was made using Fimo Liquid coloured with some Fimo.  Finally, after it was cooked and cooled, the whole thing had a coat of varnish before I attached the chain (which was also tricky as the links were so small I kept dropping them!).


  1. the ring you were searching for can be found here on Etsy

    1. Thank you for sharing this link! :)