Thursday, 27 September 2012

Colour Inspiration #8 – Schizostylis

008 Schizostylis
It’s been very wet here for the last few days, although we have been much luckier than some people in other areas of the UK with floods.  This flower photograph is from a week or two ago - when we had lots of sun!
These beautiful flowers are growing in our pond and flower through the autumn – it’s lovely to have something so pretty on flower when so much of the rest of the garden is fading.  I didn't know much about the plant so looked it up – it is a Schizostylis (also known as a kaffir lily) and comes from South Africa.  Most places seem to say that it should be grown in moist but well draining soil and it grows beside streams - I've not seen many places recommending them grown in water but ours seem to do well there!

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