Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Cake Bunting

The Great British Bake Off is back on tv again, inspiring my sister and I to bake!  In episode 1 the bakers had to make a cake with a hidden design inside so we thought we would try our own.  We decided to make a very simple cake compared to the ones on the Bake Off - ours was just three layers of sponge in graduated shades of green.

Summer Cake bunting - tutorial to make mini bunting for cakes with a pennant template by Hazel Fisher Creations
Between the layers of sponge are jam and buttercream.  The cake was then covered in ready to roll fondant icing.  We coloured a little fondant with pink food colouring to make some roses for the top.
One thing I really wanted to try out was some fancy piping with glace icing.  So I covered the cake in pale green piped swirls and leaves, it's a little time consuming but looks effective...

Summer Cake - decorative piped leaf icing with a fondant rose by Hazel Fisher Creations
We finished off the cake with some mini bunting - it's really easy to make and looks fun on cakes! I used this template to cut pennants from my 'Cupcakes and Roses' themed printable scrapbooking paper...
To make the bunting you need:
paper pennants
some thread or ribbon
2 bamboo skewers
Fold the pennants in half, then lay out with the thread running along the inside fold and glue the two sides of the pennants together.  If you don't glue the thread you will be able to slide the pennants and spread them out evenly along the thread. Tie the ends of the thread to bamboo skewers and push into the cake.

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  1. Bunting is perfect for Weddings, Baby or Bridal Showers, or an extra special picnic party! To makes any cake looks more festive!!