Thursday, 5 July 2012

Holiday Shopping

When I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago I bought these two little cards featuring Art Nouveau Majolica tiles (each card is only about 8cm square)...
The top one is from a tile made in 1906 and the other is from 1908.  I really liked the colours and shapes of the designs and they got me interested in finding out a bit more.

Majolica tiles made in the Victorian era and early 20th century were white clay with embossed relief and decorated with brightly coloured lead glazes.  Green, brown and yellow glazes were more common because they were cheaper and more stable in the kiln.

I found a website called 'Tile Heaven' full of different tile designs - so many beautiful Art Nouveau tiles but a bit out of my budget at over £100 each! So these cards are the next best thing to owning originals :)

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