Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Doctor's Wife

Have you seen the latest series of Dr Who?  It's had some of my favourite episodes, including 'The Doctor's Wife' written by Neil Gaiman.  (there are loads of lines I loved from this episode - like 'Biting's like kissing, only there's a winner'!)I was inspired to create a treasury based on this episode using items on Etsy, to non-dr who fans the selection of items probably seems a bit random but they are all related to the episode...
If you want to know why I picked these items here's an explanation...
1. Hello - the word Idris is looking for to say to the Doctor
2. Idris' dress
3. the Tardis becomes human in Idris's body
4. 'Bow ties are cool!' in the words of the Doctor
5 + 6. They land on an asteroid which the Doctor says is like a bubble universe (well, sort of)
7. The Doctor receives a communication cube
8. + 13. The Doctor likes fish fingers and custard - Idris asks 'Do fish have fingers?'
9-12. Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor - the psychic message to open the door
14. wire coat hanger on the tardis console the Doctor and Idris build
15. 'The only water in the forest is the river'
16. The bedrooms get deleted in the Tardis, Amy and Rory ask if this time they can lose the bunk bed.  The Doctor replies 'Bunk beds are cool! They've got a ladder!'

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