Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Cards

I've been neglecting my blog a bit recently so I thought that it was time I tried to catch up... here are some new cards I've had printed:
I always get a bit nervous sending work away to be printed because I'm never quite sure exactly how they will turn out but I was really pleased with these Hexley cards...

Handmade cards with papers, ribbons etc are great fun to make but they always take me so long to do, so I've been working on some new ideas for cards which are printed but could have hand finished elements too. The 'Wedding', 'Christmas' and 'Birthday' cards below were made by hand cutting letters from coloured card which I then decorated with pen and paint. The rest of the design was drawn in pen and painted in watercolours and finally I scanned the whole design and added a background digitally.

The ladybird card is a little different with the printed part of the card originally made from a combination of collage and watercolours. I've then added a ribbon, punched paper flower and brad to the finished card.

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