Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hexley Transportation Centre - Vehicular Compendium

The Hexley transportation illustrations have had a make-over (and a couple of new additions too)! I liked the way the background turned out for my newest Clockwork Bird illustration, so added a similar 'aged' background to the transporation illustrations as well as a new title; 'Hexley Transportation Centre - Vehicular Compendium'.
Here are the updated versions of the Solo Dirigible Balloon, Land Strider and Steam Omni Carriage No.9...
And these are the new additions...
Steam Carriage No.3 - perfect for getting about town this carriage seats two people and has a storage compartment in the bonnet!
Balloon Carriage No.5 - this two seater carriage is ideal for exploring the countryside as with the larger tyres and balloon it can easily traverse most terrain!
It's great fun imagining vehicles for Hexley and to draw them too - I hope you like them!

These illustrations will all be appearing as 5x7 prints in my Etsy shop very soon. I also plan to make them available as 8x10 prints and greeting cards.


  1. your blog is beautiful!!! i love the illustrations, i am off to check your etsy shop!

  2. Such great mechanical contraptions! I'm so happy to meet another illustrator and I certainly can't wait to see what you post next.