Monday, 8 February 2010


As promised here's an update on my vintage buttons. Finally the lounge floor is clear of buttons and I have sorted enough to photograph some and start to list them in my Etsy shop! :D

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last buttons post, it seems that the most important thing is good photos when selling buttons and knowing what they are made of doesn't matter so much. After reading the comments on the Etsy thread I started, and doing some further research, I think I can work out what some of the buttons are made of though.

I've tested some of the plastic buttons with hot water to see if they have a smell. - If it smells of formaldehyde it's bakelite and if it smells like vick vapour (camphor) it's celluloid. - I have some buttons that definately smell(!) but I'm not that sure of what!
These purple buttons had a strong smell, but I'm not sure if they are bakelite/ celluloid?
Some more purple buttons, these are light weight and have a metal back. From seeing others similar to this I think they are celluloid tight top buttons.

These butterscotch ones didn't have a smell and the colour on the ones with shanks is worn so you can see a lighter colour underneath, so they aren't bakelite.

I'm not sure what these black buttons are made of, but it's like pvc - they have a shiny but almost rubbery type texture.

If you think I'm wrong about any of these or have any other suggestions please let me know! :)

I was pleased with how the photos came out - the sunlight was definately better than artificial light. The only problem is that it's winter and we aren't getting many sunny or even half bright days so I don't know when I'll be able to photograph the next lot.

If you're interested in buying any of my vintage buttons I will be adding them regularly, so check my Etsy shop often for updates! :)

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