Thursday, 27 August 2009


I recently bought myself a laminator and have started to make laminated bookmarks. The first few are finished now and I've started listing them in my Etsy shop today.They are all printed with HP inks on HP premium plus photo paper to produce a high quality print. On the back is the title of each print and my shop address. Before laminating, I rounded the corners of each print.
Buying these bookmarks would be a lovely way to collect my illustrations, they would also make great little gifts and of course being bookmarks they are useful too!

So far most of the bookmarks have been made from my Hexley illustrations. The first one I have listed in my shop is the 'Hexley Solo Dirigible Balloon':
The Solo Dirigible Balloon is one of the many modes of transport to have been developed at the Transportation Centre in Hexley. After several years of experiments and prototypes the first fully functioning Solo Dirigible Balloon was built in 1892. It is the perfect flying device for the lone traveller. Once the balloon has been filled with hot gas it can be steered by means of large 'fins' and propellors attached to the traveller's back. Although the traveller is not limited by the direction of the wind when flying, it is recommended not to attempt journeys in strong windy conditions!

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