Friday, 11 January 2019

Colour Palette #31 - Sea Holly

I thought that it would be fun to start up sharing my colour palettes again and to try out the palettes with my own designs. This palette was inspired by my photo of sea holly, which not only has interesting colours but striking textures and shapes too. I enjoyed taking lots of photos of plants in the garden centre during last summer so be prepared for more plant inspired palettes coming soon!

I tried out this colour palette with my floral butterfly pattern design.  It is so addictive playing with colour and so many options to try - even just these 6 colours can produce very different results!

If you have been inspired by my Sea Holly colour palette I would love to hear how you used it! Leave a comment below, or if you share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook tag me @hazelfishercreations or use #myhfc_colours

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