Monday, 22 October 2018

Rabbit Cut and Sew Doll Design

Creating a cut and sew fat quarter design was the challenge for this week's Spoonflower contest. I have been wanting to design more cut and sew projects for a while, so the contest was a perfect prompt for me to work on this!

I decided to create a rabbit doll pattern and quickly came up with lots of ideas for using different patterns on the doll  - the hardest part was choosing which theme I wanted to enter into the contest! Below are some of my ideas - primroses, tortoises, space, donuts and penguins...

I posted my ideas on Facebook and Instagram to see which ones were the most popular. It was a close competition but the donuts version came out on top, so that is the one I entered into the contest. Below is my finished fat quarter design which includes all the pieces to make the rabbit, with instructions printed on the fabric.

I can't wait to see how this looks printed on fabric and I will be finishing off the other versions so you will be able to buy a selection of different rabbit cut and sew dolls from my shop soon!
Although I have not tested the final donut design yet I have stitched up a sample using the basic patterns pieces for the rabbit on fabric I already had...

Making a sample was a really important step as it meant I could check all the pieces worked together and make adjustments to the pattern for anything that wasn't quite working before finalising the fat quarter design. The ears are my favourite part of this - I love the effect of using two fabrics  and turning the edges in. The face was embroidered on this version, instead of printed. She needs some clothes too, so I will also be working on some designs for those soon!

Voting for the contest is open on Spoonflower until 3pm EDT Tuesday 23rd October 2018! See all of the other entries and vote for your favourites here >>>

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