Monday, 20 June 2016

Colour Palette Inspiration #28 - Cherry Blossom Flower

Colour Palette Inspiration Cherry Blossom flower by hazel fisher creations
My last colour palette was inspired by pink apple blossom and here is another one inspired by blossom - this time it is a flower from my cherry tree.  The flowers are very pretty, but as you can see there weren't many on my little tree...

Cherry Blossom- my tree - hazel fisher creations
I grew the tree from seed, I've lost track of exactly when I planted it, but I think it was maybe 8 years ago.  The last 2 years it had half a dozen flowers on or less - I was so sad when the only cherry it grew was eaten while it was still green last year!  The tree has filled out since the photo above was taken a few months ago - it has some cherries on and I'm hoping they'll survive until they're ripe!
Look at how much blossom was on our neighbour's tree - every branch was packed full of flower! Maybe my tree will be like this is a few years time.

Cherry Blossom tree filled with flowers - hazel fisher creations

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