Thursday, 17 March 2016

Spoonflower Design Challenge and Free Shipping Day!

SpoonChallenge Contest Watercolour design by hazelfishercreations
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will already know that I have been taking part in Spoonflower's Design-A-Day Challenge, I thought that it would be good to also share a round-up here with all the things I have been drawing, painting and making over the last couple of weeks.  It's been a really fun challenge to take part in!  I've enjoyed trying out some new things and it's been quite liberating just playing with different mediums and designs without worrying about making things to sell/ if people would like them etc.  That said, there are several designs which I will be adding to my Spoonflower shop though!  I've also really enjoyed seeing what other people come up with each day and finding new designers to follow on Instagram.

Each day of the challenge Spoonflower sent out an email with a prompt for the day and some inspiration and tips to get you started.  Then at the end of the 15 days they announced one of the themes for the contest.
Here is what I have been drawing, painting and making...

SpoonChallenge Design A Day - days 1-9 hazelfishercreations
Day 1: Pencil Drawing - I practised drawing foxes and a hedgehog
Day 2: Watercolour - experiment with painting watercolour flowers
Day 3: Abstract - I enjoyed playing with my watercolours so continued using them for the Abstract theme
Day 4: Block Printing - I went for something very small scale and used the erasers on the end of pencils to make some basic shapes and printed simple patterns in my sketchbook
Day 5: Pen and Ink - leaf and flower drawings in my sketchbook
Day 6: Geometric - patterns made with watercolours and my stamps from day 4
Day 7: Vector - I turned some of my leaf drawings from day 5 into a vector pattern
Day 8: Photographic - I used a 'kaleidoscope' effect on a photo of blossom and took one of the patterns I made to create a repeat design
Day 9: Open Source - design made with PicMonkey

SpoonChallenge Design A Day - days 10-15 hazelfishercreations
Day 10: Steampunk - a repeat pattern made from my illustration of a clockwork hummingbird and line drawings of leaves and cogs.
Day 11: Dyed - pattern made from scanned fabric which I dyed with watercolours
Day 12: Typographical - pattern made from my watercolour paintings of letters
Day 13: Kawaii - Easter inspired pattern with cute bunnies, eggs, chicks and sheep
Day 14: Found Objects (I skipped this, but may come back to it another time!)
Day 15: Designer's Choice - I created my entry for the contest.  Spoonflower chose the theme 'Watercolour' and my design was inspired by some of my earlier designs, using watercolour letters, feathers and arrow shapes.  The image at the top of this post is a larger view of my final design.

Voting for the contest is now open!  There are so many great designs, with a wide range of subjects covering flowers, animals, geometric patterns and much more.  You can see them all on Spoonflower, and vote for your favourites too...

Spoonflower are currently holding a Free Shipping Day - a great opportunity to stock up on fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap!  The offer runs until 9am EDT (1pm in the UK) on March 18th 2016 and applies to standard shipping, worldwide.
(The image below shows my Steampunk Valentine design - you can find it in my Spoonflower shop).

Spoonflower Free Shipping Day 17 March 2016 - Steampunk Valentine design by hazelfishercreations

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