Saturday, 6 February 2016

Find What Feels Good

Yoga With Adriene and 'Find What Feels Good' are the inspiration for this post, which is part of my new series on positive thinking.  I love these words as they not only encourage you to do things that make you feel good, but also to look for the good in a situation that maybe doesn't seem good at first.  Not that I am able to do this all the time, but it is something to aspire to.  I had fun playing with watercolours writing these words in my sketchbook too. :)

Find What Feels Good hand lettering, sketchbook photo hazelfishercreations
This week I completed Yoga Camp with Yoga With Adriene (an online series of yoga videos).  I managed to keep up with it everyday for 30 days and even completed the longer 40-50 minute sessions!  I say this with a sense of achievement because although I did her 30 days of yoga last year it took me longer than 30 days and I have struggled to keep up with some of the longer sessions before.  I'm not a sporty person, but after discovering Yoga With Adriene I have found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy and want to do!  I can follow the online videos at my own pace, in the comfort of my home.

Adriene encourages you to 'Find What Feels Good' and this is what I love about her videos!  I enjoy her humour and positive approach to teaching.  She guides you through the yoga poses and suggests alternatives if you're finding something difficult, encourages you to keep trying and it's not about being able to make the perfect pose - it's all about the process, how you feel.  Since doing yoga I have noticed that I am getting more flexible and stronger, I notice that certain poses are not so hard as they used to be, and it does feel good!  I still have plenty to practise and work on (which is good too); pigeon, side plank, seated forward fold and crow are some of the things I would like to improve.

30 days of Yoga Camp was also about using positive mantras, each day had a different mantra and I found these to be really beneficial too.  Yoga isn't just about getting yourself physically fit, but taking care of your mind too.  I do find that yoga can help with anxiety; the exercise, moving with my breath, practising the different breathing techniques and positive mantras - these are all things I can take and use off the yoga mat as well.

I liked how setting myself the challenge of Yoga Camp kept me motivated with doing yoga everyday and I want to keep that up.  I've been doing some of the videos from Adriene's Post Yoga Camp Playlist and I think I will do the original 30 Days of Yoga (from last year) again.

Do you do yoga?  What are your experiences of it?  If you're interested in having a go I can definitely recommend Yoga With Adriene


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