Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spoonflower Tennis weekly contest and SpoonChallenge a month of drawing

I’ve had a couple of weeks off from entering contests on Spoonflower – my last entry to the rhinoceroses themed contest came 65th (with 102 votes) out of 251 entries.  Thank you to everyone who voted!

This week the contest has a Tennis theme so I created this design with tennis balls, rackets and strawberries, inspired by Wimbledon.  It was a fairly quick design to make as I used elements which I had already drawn to create a repeat pattern.  You can see all the other entries (and vote for your favourites!) here: 
2014 August 6 tennis spoonflower contest design
I’ve also just started Spoonflower’s SpoonChallenge: A Month of Drawing – each day has a different theme to inspire you to draw.  Today’s prompt was mountains and this is what I drew…
2014 August 6 spoonchallenge day 2 mountain sketchbook hazel fisher creationsEven though my work involves a lot of drawing, some days I can be caught up in other things like sorting supplies, packing orders, paper work and keeping up with things online, so don’t always draw everyday.  Just doing a quick sketch shouldn’t be too hard though, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with the challenge for the month! :)  Are you taking part?  What have you drawn so far?

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