Monday, 12 May 2014

New Spoonflower Fabric designs!

2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designsLast week I received swatches for my new designs, which means there are now 15 new fabric designs available to buy from my Spoonflower shop!!  That almost doubles the number of designs I had on offer before.
A whole new collection I have added has a Steampunk theme and includes patterns made from my Hexley illustrations.  There is a Clockwork Bird pattern (with a robin, kingfisher, nuthatch and barn owl), an Aeronautical design, Nautical pattern, cogs, and a coordinating spots pattern.  My favourite design in this range probably has to be the keys, clock hands and cogs.
I created this collection after being approached by a customer who had liked the illustrations in my Etsy shop.  It’s really nice to be able to create designs based on customers suggestions and it often leads me to me creating designs I wouldn't have made otherwise.  So if there’s something you would like me to design for you please let me know!
2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designs steampunk
As I needed to order swatches of the Steampunk designs before I could add them to my shop I thought I would create some other new designs and order all the swatches together.  So I have also added 2 new designs to coordinate with the Budgie range. I really like how the chevron pattern turned out as it’s quite different to any other patterns I have made…
2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designs budgie feather chevronThis fish pattern started as the fish line drawing I made for the Steampunk Nautical set and I played around with colour to make something a bit bolder than a lot of my other designs…2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designs fishThere are also 4 new floral patterns, inspired by vintage fabrics and sketches of flowers from my garden.  I tried out a few different colour schemes for these and will probably add some different versions to my shop in the future.
2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designs flowers floral patternFinally, I created two patterns from my illustrations of rabbits.  These are so cute – I think they would be perfect for stitching things for nurseries!  Often I finish a project and spot all the things I would change, having spent too long looking at a piece of work.  So it's nice to be satisfied with these designs!
2014 May 12 Spoonflower fabric designs rabbit bunnies
For those of you not familiar with Spoonflower, it’s really simple to order fabric – choose from an 8” square swatch, fat quarter or by the yard.  If you visit my shop you will find that you can buy these designs printed on 12 different fabrics, from basic combed cotton to heavy cotton twill.  You can also buy these designs as rolls of wallpaper.  Spoonflower is based in the USA, so if you order from any other country don't forget you might have to pay customs fees.  (In the UK you have to pay import VAT on goods over £15, if you're ordering small quantities you probably won't have to pay anything.)  So far I've been lucky and haven't had to pay any customs fees!


  1. I love these fabrics! I don't really do textiles any more but I feel I want to buy them anyway! Especially the steampunk and Hexley Transport designs. Brilliant! Well done Hazel.

    1. Thanks Penny, I'm glad you like them! I've only ordered swatches of my designs so far but keep thinking I really should choose a sewing project to try them out properly!