Monday, 17 March 2014

Fabric Covered Buttons diy tutorial

Fabric Cover Button diy tutorial 1Fabric covered buttons are so easy to make and great for making buttons to perfectly coordinate with your sewing project.  You can buy buttons for covering in a range of sizes, made from plastic or metal.  In this tutorial I’m using 15mm brass buttons.
Fabric Cover Button diy tutorial 2This is what you will need…
* Metal self cover buttons
* fabric scraps (I’ve found thinner fabrics work best)
* template
* scissors
* pencil
* needle and thread

Fabric Cover Button diy tutorial 31. Cut out the template and use it to draw a circle onto your fabric. If you don’t have a fabric pen / pencil a soft drawing pencil works well.  Cut out your fabric circle.
The fabric circle you cut needs to be approximately 2x the size of the button you are covering.  So for a 15mm button it would be 30mm – you can download a template for the 15mm button here. (remember to print it ‘actual size’!)

Fabric Cover Button diy tutorial 42. Sew a running stitch close to the edge of the circle.
3. Pull the thread to gather the fabric around the button.
4. Press the edges of the fabric inside the button, making sure the fabric is evenly spread without folds.
5. Finally, firmly press the backing piece down.

Fabric Cover Button diy tutorial 5
I’ll be posting some ideas and tutorials using fabric covered buttons soon!

If you would like to have a go at making these, you can buy sets of 15mm buttons from my shop here.

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