Saturday, 14 September 2013

Spoonflower - my designs on fabric!

spoonflower shop screen capture
Lots of new, exciting things have been happening with my business recently!  One of my new ventures is opening a Spoonflower shop to sell my designs on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.   If you buy any of my designs in the shop they will be digitally printed and sent to you directly from Spoonflower.  The fabric can be bought as swatches, fat quarters or by the yard in a range of different types of fabric.
Before I could list any of my designs to sell I had to order some swatches to check everything looked ok.  Well, the swatches arrived yesterday (it took about 3 weeks for printing and standard delivery to the UK) and they look great!  So you can now buy fabric I have designed to use in your craft projects!

Here are some photos of the swatches I ordered…

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch citrus fruitsThis Citrus Fruits pattern was a design I entered into one of Spoonflower’s contests.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch ball games greenBall Games pattern – lots of balls from different sports on a green background.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch butterfliesBrightly coloured butterflies, including the peacock, ulysses and monarch.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch budgies2 different designs featuring budgies – one has rows of blue, green and yellow budgerigars and the other has monochrome birds.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch cupcakes and roses rose spotty blue bI have a collection of different designs from my cupcakes and roses themed set – including a pretty rose design, rows of cupcakes and a coordinating spotty pattern in green.  The spotty blue pattern is actually part of the budgie collection, but would go well with the rose design too.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch cupcakes and roses green spotty2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch london calling post box phone boxFinally, there are 4 designs in my London Calling themed collection which features my illustrations of British post boxes and phone boxes, London soldiers, Buses and Taxis and a coordinating chevron pattern.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch london calling soldiersThe London bus and taxi design in my shop is actually slightly different to the sample I had printed.  I decided that the buses and taxis looked a bit too close together, so have altered the design so that they are more spaced out.

2013sep14 Spoonflower swatch london calling zig zag bus taxi
You could use the fabric in all sorts of sewing projects - I think some of these designs would be great for making into cushion covers or purses.  If you buy any of these fabrics I would love to see what you make!

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