Friday, 5 April 2013

Lots of Budgies!

2013Apr05 budgiesIf you follow me on facebook you will already know that my latest designs include lots of budgies!
I experimented with sketching in pencil, pen and colouring digitally before deciding on how to draw the finished row of budgies above (which is in pen and coloured digitally).  There are so many different colour combinations to choose from – the blue one in the middle is a bit like my budgie Charlie.
2013Apr05 budgies sketchesI’m using the finished illustration to make a range of products from patterned papers to greeting cards, like the ones below…
C6 budgies birthday card 1125mm square budgie pattern card 2The birthday card is printed on white popset card which has a very slightly rough surface - I can print this design with other messages too.  The square card is printed on lovely linen textured card.  These cards and other greeting cards are available to buy from my Folksy shop and Etsy shop.
I’ll be sharing more photos of the other budgie themed items I am designing soon!

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