Friday, 12 October 2012

New Card Stock! - craft supplies

This is just a small selection of the cards and envelopes I received in a new delivery of stock yesterday!
There are lots of white cards for making my printed greeting cards as well as coloured cards to be listed in my supplies shop.  I also ordered a sample of some recycled paper - it comes in some gorgeous colours!
I made a larger order than usual, which will hopefully keep me going for longer, although I slightly under-estimated the task of finding somewhere to put it all!  Almost all the card is sorted now, so tomorrow I'll be able to make a proper start on printing new cards :)

I decided to make some changes to the cards which I sell in my supplies shop.  I looked at the most popular sets and have chosen to condense the number of different sets I sell, but still maintaining a good range of colours and textures.
These are the colour sets that I will now be stocking...
From top left...

  • Recycled (sandstone, suede, tuscan brown, dark grey and ash)
  • Berry (burgundy, violet, raspberry, pink with a hammer texture, cream with a linen texture)
  • Christmas (deep red, deep green, hammer textured cream, hammer textured white and bright green)
  • Nautical (deep blue, bright blue, dark cream, hammer textured pale blue and linen textured white)
The cards in these colours measure 4 1/8 x 6 inches (104 x 152mm) - approx. A6 and are available with either square or round corners.  The recycled cards come with brown Kraft envelopes, all of the others come with white envelopes.

These white cards (which have a very slightly rough surface) are the same size as the cards above and come with brown envelopes...

I will also be selling white cards with either a linen texture or with the very slightly rough surface with white envelopes in two square sizes: 100mm and 125mm.

You can see the range of cards I have for sale in my shop:

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