Monday, 20 August 2012

Some old projects - found and finished

I love trying out different crafts but that means I have loads of half finished projects tucked away (and not even started ones too!).  I recently decided that I would make more of an effort to get some things finished.  When I went away on holiday I wanted something small to take with me and found a couple of cross stitch kits I had started years ago...
I finished this Bagpuss one while I was away...

I also found that I had done a few stitches of this kit to make a coaster.  I've finished sewing the rose - now all it needs is to go inside the coaster :)
I used to do quite a bit of cross stitch but I got put off by how long it takes to finish -  I was too impatient, wanting to see more progress in a picture.  Now I have rediscovered the fact that I actually enjoy it - on small projects anyway :)  I think I might have a go at designing some small charts again too.


  1. I'm obsessed with cross stitch. It's so addictive. Some projects can take a while to complete which is frustrating sometimes.x

  2. I have the Bagpuss cross stitch but in moving have lost the magazine and instructions you wouldn't still have yours would you?