Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Crafting!

I hope you had a good Jubilee weekend!  I watched quite a lot of TV - like the pageant on the Thames.  I heard the atmosphere in London was great, although I think the crowds were so huge we had a better view of everything on the TV  It's a shame the weather wasn't better, the poor singers at the end were drenched!

I enjoyed doing some Jubilee craft projects over the long weekend.  I made some bunting and a patriotic red, white and blue crochet flower garland to hang in my window...
I also baked some cakes with my Mum and sister...
The union flags were fun to ice :)  We also used some of my cupcake toppers on the more simply decorated cakes...
This golden carriage is my Dad's from the Queen's coronation, I thought it made a great prop for my little photo shoot!
All these photos were taken with my new camera.  It's a Canon Ixus 230 - I really love it :D  My old Olympus still works but I wanted something a bit lighter to carry around with me.  I'm impressed with the big screen (about 4 times the size of my old camera) and it records HD videos too!  The only downside is I don't have a memory card for it yet - the place I bought it from said that it came with a card but it doesn't.  I'm borrowing a card for now but will hopefully have my own soon.

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