Saturday, 27 August 2011

Printable Gift Box Tutorial

Printable Gift Box tutorial hazelfishercreations
With two new sets of printable gift boxes designed (a Strawberry set and Woodland set) I thought that I would post a tutorial on how to make these simple boxes...

The gift box templates come as high resolution 300dpi jpg (or pdf) files and measure 8.5 x 11 inches (US letter paper) but can also be printed on A4 paper.  The templates can be printed on any paper you like, I recommend using a card and printing with your printer's highest quality setting.
I have used one of the Woodland themed sheets printed onto 225gsm white card for this tutorial.

1.  Cut around the edge of the printed box.
2.  Fold along the lines marked in blue on this diagram.
Scoring along the lines first with a bone folder and ruler on a foam mat will make folding easier and neater.
3. Glue four of the tabs to finish the box.
You can leave the box as it is, or embellish it with ribbons, bows, tags etc.  For this box I have used two different yarns tied around the box with a bow and two tags from my Woodland printable collage set.

The templates for these boxes and for my other printables are available to buy from my shop  I would love to see things people have made with my printables so please feel free to share links to photos of your projects!

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