Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Elizabeth Bridges - new illustration

I've completed a new Hexley illustration! It's part of my people of Hexley series in the style of Victorian photographs.
Here is a new portrait of Elizabeth Bridges...
This illustration is a combination of pencil line and tone drawings and digital painting.

I've also expanded Elizabeth's story a little...

Elizabeth Bridges was born on 25th June 1871. From a young age she was intrigued by science and technology and this led to her interest in Hexley. Elizabeth first wrote to Samuel Brown in the Spring of 1895 enquiring about the area which resulted in her visit to Hexley in June 1895.

She immediately felt a deep affinity with the town and its inhabitants. Fascinated with the scientific experiments and technological advancements made in the town, Elizabeth travelled to Hexley on numerous occasions and eventually became a permanent resident in October 1896.

Although she was fascinated with science she was not a scientist herself. However, she did put her enthusiasm for learning to good use and became a teacher in the town. She was extremely popular and always held in high regard by her pupils. Her new profession also introduced her to Jonathan Barrett - head of Hexley's education and a member of the Council. They got on together so well that in 1901 John and Elizabeth married and went onto have four children.

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