Tuesday, 18 May 2010

In The Woods and The Front Page of Etsy!!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a cycle ride with my sister to the woods. The bluebells are still out and looked wonderful! The woods aren't far from the village where we live and it was lovely and peaceful. It's definately a place I should visit more often. Although next time we might leave the woods by a different route - since yesterday's trip involved negotiating a stile with 2 bicycles - not the easiest thing to do!!
Later on I discovered that the treasury I blogged about yesterday with one of my prints in had made it to the front page! I found out from a message on Facebook and then noticed that there was a huge increase views and hearts on my shop. A couple of weeks ago I had another message on Facebook to say one of my prints was on the front page, but as there were no extra views I think it was only an alternate. So yesterday was the first time I've ever had anything actually appear on the front page - it really made my day! :D

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