Saturday, 6 March 2010

The return of the internet and new ACEOs...

Don't you always find that you appreciate something more when you don't have it?
For half of last week I had no phone line and therefore no internet and it's really reminded me just how much I use the internet! It seemed that half of the village was cut off and the rumour was that it was because the copper cables connecting the village were stolen (again). I hope they catch these people - it's not just an inconvenience, some people who don't have mobile phones rely on the landlines and could need it in an emergency.
I probably got more work done without online distractions though and knowing that if would be off for a few days I could plan around it, but running an online business means that it's important to have the internet as I didn't want to disappoint any customers. At least it's back now! :D

Now that I'm back online there's a bit to catch up on, so here are a couple of new ACEOs:

No. 24 Welsh landscape (pencil, watercolours and acrylics)
No.25 Swans (pencil, watercolours, acrylics)

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  1. I know what you mean, I can't live without internet now! ( whatever did we do before it!)

    I've nominated you for a sunshine blog award- pop over to my blog for the details!

    Nat xx