Monday, 17 August 2009

Diving Station Cotton Bag

I am in the process of testing out ideas for new products... The first thing that I've had a go at is making a transfer print and ironing it onto a cotton bag. I was really pleased with the result :)This bag features my 'Diving Station' print - one of the illustrations from my Hexley series.

The Oceanography Centre, led by Francis Jennings is one of Hexley's six main outer settlements. As well as being the centre for ocean research it is also the site of the area's harbour. Less than a mile offshore is the Diving Station; a quiet place for observing the ocean. Diving bells and small boats can be tethered here while divers rest or study the sea. The Jennings Diving Bell (which appears in the lower right corner of the illustration) is used for deep water exploration and has space for a maximum of 2 men.

I am planning to start selling cotton bags with this and other illustrations on soon. Until then you can purchase ACEO and 5x7 sized prints in my Etsy shop. :)

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