Monday, 15 October 2018

Floral Butterflies Surface Pattern Design

This week's Spoonflower design challenge has a limited colour palette theme - the brief allowed us to create a design on any theme we liked so long as we used at least 3 of the colours specified by Spoonflower (black or white accents were also allowed).
I decided to create a floral and butterfly themed design...

As you can see, I used the Lagoon, Saffron, Terracotta and Blush shades in my design with white, but did not use the Ocean green colour. I do quite like the colours provided, although it is usually tricky to make designs in the limited colour palette challenges - I'm always wishing to be able to use other tones within one hue to get a better variety of darks and lights within a design. However, I am happy with how the colours worked in my design.

Another reason why I enjoyed the challenge of creating this design was because I am learning to use Affinity Designer software, which is still fairly new to me. The elements in this design are all vectors, which I made by tracing over my hand drawings. I like how vector artwork can easily be resized and recoloured - the 'Symbols' tool in Affinity Designer makes this even quicker and easier too. As I become more confident in using the software I'm hoping that it should help me to grow my portfolio of designs faster. I have been experimenting with other colour palettes for this design (like the one below) and plan to use the different elements from the design in new coordinating patterns too.

Thank you if you voted for my design in the contest - my entry came 57th (with 148 votes) out of 555 entries! You can see the winning design on Spoonflower here >>>
Results of the Limited Colour Palette Design Challenge

My design is now available to buy on a range of fabric bases as well as wallpaper and gift wrap - find it on Spoonflower here.

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