Monday, 22 February 2016

Spoonflower Contest - Love Is In The Air

Spoonflower Contest entry 'Love is in the Air' fabric design by hazelfishercreations
This week's Spoonflower contest theme is 'Love is in the Air' and the brief was to create a love-inspired, weather-centric design.  I had an idea to create something with silhouettes of swallows, with clouds and hearts.  I have to say though, I found this one a bit frustrating to work on.  I kept changing bits around but it still didn't turn out quite how I imagined.  But then sometimes designs I really like don't end up being as popular as designs I like less!  I will have to see how it looks printed on fabric.

You can see all of the other entries, and vote for your favourite 'Love is in the Air' designs on Spoonflower:

Spoonflower don't have any new contest themes up at the moment, there will be an announcement about what they have been working on instead in their newsletter this Thursday - very intriguing!

PS. Thank you if you voted for my design in the Limited Colour Palette contest, it came 61st of out of 516 entries, with 154 votes.  The winning entry was a lovely design incorporating sleeping foxes, flowers and birds by Ewa Brzozowska - you can see it on Spoonflower, along with the rest of the results.

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