Saturday, 5 September 2015

Spoonflower Contest - 90s Nostalgia

This week's Spoonflower challenge theme is 90s' Nostalgia, which resulted in me having a good rummage around my cupboards to dig out some of my old toys and collections! I couldn't resist sharing a photo of some of the things I rediscovered... 

90s nostalgia children collection photo hazelfishercreationsI felt just like a child again! Remembering the things I used to play with, like my Polly Pockets, trolls, plastic dinosaurs and animals.  I even found a website that lists all the Polly Pockets they made by year - I found the Polly Princess ring I had, but lost the Polly doll, and the Midge doll from a pencil, but I lost the pencil and dome - I wonder what happened to them!?
I also looked through some of my collections of erasers, pencils and badges which brought back memories of where they came from - like the little frog erasers from one of the first school trips I went on at a nature reserve.  I considered getting out all my old Lego too - but thought I would save that for another time since I had already made quite a mess getting everything else out!

Apart from a taking a trip down memory lane, I was searching for inspiration for designing an entry for the Spoonflower contest.  Lots of the things I came across were trademarked toys, which I didn't want to include in my design, so I chose to incorporate other things - like rollerskates, cassette tapes, floppy disks, pencils, smiley face and 'flump' shaped erasers.  The rollerskates were inspired by a pair of purple and yellow ones I used to have (but was mostly too afraid to use!).  This is the finished design I came up with...
90s nostalgia fabric design Spoonflower contest hazelfishercreations
You can see all the other entries to '90s Nostalgia', and vote for your favourites, on Spoonflower's website...

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