Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Spoonflower weekly design contest – Rhinoceroses

There were lots of lovely, bright entries to last week’s Fishing Lure themed contest on Spoonflower.  I noticed that 2 of the designs I voted for made the top 10 this week!  This is one of them; 'Alluring Lure' by Olivia Henry.  I love the colours and watercolour style of the flies…
You can see all the designs in the top 10 here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/254  My entry came 71st (with 89 votes) out of 159 entries.  Thank you to everyone who voted! :)

This week’s contest has a Rhinoceroses theme.  I’ve drawn rhinos before at Colchester zoo and have several photos to use as reference, so was looking forward to creating a pattern design for this contest.  Last week I took a long time drawing the fishing flies and wasn't entirely satisfied with the end design, but work on the rhinos seemed to flow much better (and quicker) and I am happier with the finished repeat pattern!

2014 July 15 rhinoceros sketchbook Spoonflower contest entry hazel fisher creationsI started by sketching rhinos and a few ideas of geometric, tribal inspired patterns.  Most of my designs have quite light backgrounds so I wanted to try a dark background for this one and decided on using a dark grey.   Often I just colour on the computer but the coloured pencils were useful in choosing a colour palette - it’s a really quick and easy way to try different colour combinations, just by holding different pencils.  I love how these colours look together too!
Here’s the finished repeat pattern…

2014 July 15 rhinoceros Spoonflower contest entry hazel fisher creationsYou can see all the other rhinoceros designs here, and vote for your favourites too!  http://www.spoonflower.com/contest_voters_temp/new?contest_id=257

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