Saturday, 28 June 2014

Spoonflower weekly design contest – Sewing Notions

There were lots of lovely designs entered into last week’s Farming themed contest on Spoonflower – see the top 10 designs here!  Although I didn't win I was still pleased with the results (65 votes and 99th out of 260 entries).

This week’s Sewing Notions themed contest was slightly different as the brief was to create 4 coordinating designs on 1 yard, instead of just one design.  I had a good rummage around the sewing box, drawing spools of thread, buttons, pins and other bits and pieces.  Then scanned my pen line drawings and coloured them digitally – here’s a work in progress shot of one of the designs…
  2014 June 24 sewing notion surface pattern design wip
And the finished yard with 4 coordinating designs…  I'm looking forward to seeing how these print on fabric!
2014 June 28 spoonflower surface pattern design fabric sewing notions
Voting  for the Sewing Notions contest is open nowvote for your favourite designs here!


  1. Congratulations on doing so well last week, there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from in the Spoonflower contests! I love your sewing notions entry and just popped by to vote :) Good luck! x

    1. Thanks for voting for my design, I'm glad you like it! :) There were some great sewing themed designs in the contest, I think it's really inspiring seeing such a variety of ideas that people come up with on the same theme.